A shoot with Jade

A shoot with Jade Eliott

My name is Jade Mary Elliott and I am a plus size model from the North East of England, currently based in London. I started modelling in my early teens and went on to modelling school although I took a break from it for a few years to focus on my studies. Since I moved down to London in the past few months my modelling career has begun to take off in a great way and I hope it continues! I got signed to an agency and have met some amazing artists and photographers along the way. Exciting stuff! As well as modelling I also use my Performing Arts degree to teach drama to children ages 5-16 which keeps me on my toes.
What do you love? And what do you hate? I love my job. My family and friends. My two cats. I love colours, rainbows, nature and I appreciate the aesthetic beauty of things. I love great fashion and when people push the boundaries of various art forms. I hate negative energy and bad manners. I also dislike the way no one in London smiles at each other on the street or says hello. It’s such an insular space! I smile at as many people I can every day and hope it’s passed on…





















the whole article can be found here





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