I am Sofie Day

I’m Sofie Day.

In a single paragraph nutshell: I am a professional, trained, registered, licensed, and experienced however, most of all passionate body piercer, who loves doing temporary tattoos as a hobby. I am constantly going on seminars/ workshops to keep my piercing skills up to date with modern methods. I absolutely refuse to pierce with piercing guns and do not take up positions with piercing cowboys – studio owners who go for the cheap (but absolutely not cheerful) method of gun piercings. I am also a trained addiction recovery auricular acupuncturist constantly training to increase my knowledge/ in the field of addiction recovery I love working with bodies & minds and I love the idea that I make people beautiful on the outside (with piercing) and inside (with acupuncture) and keep them sane, simply by listening, chatting lots. My heroes are any-one who is anything of any value within the professional world I’m in – to put it in simple terms: I love all those people who are already true masters in the field of addiction recovery, body modification, tattoo artistry, piercing… & any other related areas of expertise – I admire any-one who has become truly great at the field they’ve decided to be passionate about, whatever that is. I could name a few people here, but there are always new heroes emerging.



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